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released May 19, 2015



all rights reserved


STAGHORN Saint Louis, Missouri

We, are Staghorn.

An enigmatically narrated three-piece outfit from St. Louis, Missouri debuts “Parousia I / Kismet II” - 30 minutes of euphonic introspection where global ethic and activism transcend the traditional parameters of music.

Music. Thought. Action. Solidarity.

You, are Staghorn.
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Track Name: Parousia I: Oro De Corazon
Oro, with her head poised in such a way, that the shadows erased every sweetness.
Her eyes danced across the intent faces, Tucked far from harm's way In the belly of the Acadia Forest,
We amassed around a fire on this eve of reckoning.
This forest, is the home to the Staghorn Alliance.
We, are Staghorn: The only remaining human settlement after The Expiration Date.
The Expiration Date, the catalyst which beckoned the animal uprise.
We had no defense against the waking giant.
The sentient ones, swift, brutal, unflinching.
There is no doubt we deserve the fate which was enacted...

There is A sincerity in her eyes to which no one could ignore.
"You must embark on a journey, one which may end your days.
Recover the Time Turner to go back to a time before the War,
Before the Earth's bowels burst, to claim her prodigal children.
You must Warn mankind of their great folly before it is too late."
Rio raised his heavy head, "The warpath of the Sentient Ones will stop at nothing to see the end of your species."
His massive war torn antlers loomed, "If you do not succeed, all will perish. With our defenses weak, all will be executed.
We are traitors to the Fauna, treasonists and cast away."
Skylark snarled. "We lost many for your safety. Do not fail, for this all will have been in vain"
We left the next morning we left for the fallen city of New York. Hidden, buried, lost, in the rubble of the once great city is a device which will take us back to warn humanity: The End is Nigh.

May the path rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and the rains fall to quench your thirst.
And until we meet again,
May She hold you in the palm of Her hand.
Track Name: Parousia I: Trins Chado Ocho Rio
The world as you know it will end. You are an endangered species. Not the kind that we put in cages at zoos, but the last of our kind. The planet and world community will thrive in the future, but Mankind as a species will have eliminated his place, thus facing extinction. We hope you do not take our foretelling lightly, but with caution for the events to come.
This, is a mortal warning.

We are here before you after an expedition that nearly cost us our lives. Using a device called the Time Turner, we have come to deliver a message that may be difficult to understand. Your very nature and inability to comprehend is the root of the conflict in which we speak;
The world as you know it will end. We do not speak just from experience, but with evidence from both past and current events.